Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photos from Saturday October 30.


  1. Nana we miss you but are so excited to hear of all your "bucket list" adventures so far! Did you climb down the ladders into the Pyramid's??

    We love you!
    Jen and Sean, Jace, Kaden and Jada

  2. gosh that brings back some very happy memories... enjoy your final day/s
    hope the blessings continue to grow in you x

  3. This has been an amazing trip! Now that I have access to a consistent web server, I'll get things up to date!
    Julie - there have been so many blessings....!
    Jen - sorry, I didn't see your comment in time to pass it on...but I guess you will, now!
    Thanks, Shannon! It's pretty hard to not have an amazing pic what with the subject material!