Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Introduction, for those who want to come along on this journey!

Holy Lands pilgrimage study guide


On October 18, 2010, a group of 38 pilgrims departs Calgary for a journey which moves from modern day Canada through  Cairo to Jerusalem and then home again.  During this journey,  we will follow the footsteps of Moses, through the desert to Mount Nebo,  where he died.  From this point we will begin to pick up the story of Jesus,  as we continue to Galilee and Nazareth,  and make our way into Jerusalem.  As we travel, our story will weave its' way through the story of the Bible and of all those who have, like us, made a pilgrimage to this place so central to faith.  Each of us is like a thread in a much greater tapestry  woven through history.

This blog is an adaptation of a study guide which each member of the journey may follow as we make this journey together.  Our hope is that the blog will be a place for those who wish may journey with us, from armchairs and office desks, through the  landscape and story of our faith. 

 Each section will correspond to one of the major areas to which we’ll be traveling, and invites us to consider the interior space that might connect to that geographical territory.    Bible readings and questions for reflection will allow the link to be made between the location of the tour and the  stories of people of faith in history and today.  

Individuals are welcome to  offer their reflections and to post comments here.  We hope this will allow the sharing of an exploration of faith through an experience of being immersed in geography and landscape and through the sharing of our stories, part of  Gods much larger Story.

 May we all be blessed (and what profound realities can be referenced by that simple word!) in this experience of a lifetime. 

We definitely recommend bringing a Bible along on the trip!

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